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The Diamniadio MIG plant is a good example of the approach we want to adopt in each of our countries of operation which consists in (1) identifying a strategically located site to establish the production center; (2) working in close collaboration with local agencies and public authorities to ensure a successful start of the production; (3) maintaining an open line with local authorities on our available job opportunities so that we can source staff where we operate. In Senegal, we are very grateful to APIX (Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Major Works) and APROSI (Agency for Development and Promotion of Industrial Sites) for their support while we were designing the plant – we look forward to expanding these partnerships as we engage in the production phase.

Created by decree N ° 2002-981 of October 7th, 2002, the Agency for Development and Promotion of Industrial Sites (APROSI) is an autonomous administrative body responsible for developing and promoting industrial sites. Operating under the authority of the Ministry for Industrial Development and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MDIPMI), it is considered as one of drivers of the pro-industry policy on Senegal. Establishing integrated industrial platforms and regional industrial hubs is a response to address expectations and objectives set by the State of Senegal to enhance the local industry – regarded as a critical engine of growth and job creation.

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In order to reinforce foreign direct investment flows to Senegal, state authorities have made financial efforts for the development of businesses by, on the one hand, simplifying the procedures for obtaining approval under the Investment Code or The status of the ‘Free Export Enterprise’ at the APIX one-stop shop and, on the other hand, by granting tax advantages to companies in order to encourage them to increase their investment and create stable jobs.

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